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October 2022 Newsletter

October 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Safe Sleep for Babies
Help your baby sleep safely and learn the risk of SIDS. Get the tools and resources you need to keep you and your family as healthy as possible!
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September 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Healthy Rewards Program Update!
New rewards for you and your family to enjoy. PLUS: How to stay healthy this fall season.
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August 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Enjoy more benefits with MyChart!
Find everything you need to know about your health coverage, all in one place! Learn more about ways we can help you get the best care during and after your pregnancy.
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July 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Get back-to-school ready!
It's the perfect time to get a head start on a healthy school year! Whether you are getting ready for sports, school or camp, getting your immunizations and physical exams is the first step in making sure you are ready for action.
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June 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Staying Active this Summer
$50 reward card for any extracurricular activity you sign up for! Plus: How to get a free ride to a doctor's appointment or pharmacy, get rewarded for well-child checkups and more!
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May 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Asthma and Allergy Season
Create an asthma and allergy action plan during peak season, learn about the mental health resources that are available for you and your family, Healthy Texas Women program, and more!
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April 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Making an Emergency Plan
Know your options for urgent and emergency care for you and your family.
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March 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Easy Healthy Eating
Keep your family healthy and happy with resources and rewards for taking care of your well-being.
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February 2022

Your Health Newsletter: Asthma Tips, Meals for Moms, and more!
Check out our Digital Newsletter for helpful resources related to asthma, language assistance, and healthy meals for moms.
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